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    Issue JavaBeans with Forms

    Stephane Baribeau

      Hello Everyone,


      I would like to know if someone can tell me what i'm wrong.


      I have tryed JavaBean AWTFileDialog to see how it's works inside a Forms.

      When i click button, the FileDialog open, everything looks good.


      I try to create a JavaBean with Eclipse.


      My Code



      package oracle.forms.fd;
       import java.awt.Component;
       public clas myJB extends Component {
            public string getTextSample() {
                 String sText = "";
                 sText = "foobar";
                 return sText;


      I export to jar file in my oracle form directory.


      edited my formweb.cfg file to add myJB jar file like i've done with AWTFileDialog.


      but when i try in my form, the return value are null


      my form code.


      When-new-form-instance trigger



      FBean.Register_Bean('CTRL.BEAN', 1, 'oracle.forms.fd.ADLog');


      and i have a button to get the value like this


      cV_co_retr := FBean.Invoke_Char('CTRL.BEAN', 1, 'getTextSample');

      what i've done wrong?


      I miss something?


      thanks for help.

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          Michael Ferrante-Oracle

          Take a look at this example and document.  Likely they will get you going in the right direction:





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            Stephane Baribeau

            Hi, i have already checked both link, not helped me.


            I have activated my Java Console to see whats happend, for  a reason i don't know, my AWTFileDialog stopped working too.


            First link its the similar thing i use to use my AWTFileDialog, FBEANS and all worked since i created a new AWTFileDialog JAR file from java source, if i put the .JAR created by the author, i'm not anymore able to use it. It's strange a bit.


            I've read i need to resign FRMALL.JAR?, how can i do this?


            Thanks for your help.


            EDIT: In my java console i get this message



            network: Entrée de cache introuvable [URL : http://mycomputer:9000/forms/java/oracle/forms/fd/AWTFileDialog.class, version : null]

            Sorry for french msg, if i can translate, he can't find cache for my AWTFileDialog.class..


            this happened since i exported AWTFileDialog.java to JAR File in Eclipse.

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              Michael Ferrante-Oracle

              Do not alter frmall.jar.  You likely need to sign your own jar file although I don't know that this is your issue, but I would start with that.  Other things to consider:


              1.  Ensure that the Java version you use to create your java and jar are the same or older than the JRE installed on the client.  In other words, if the client machine has Java 6 installed, do not create the bean with Java 7.


              2.  Ensure that your jar file name is included in the formsweb.cfg ARCHIVE list.  Entries should be separated by commas and not semi-colons


              3.  Unless you have created a new virtual path, I would recommend storing your jar file in the \forms\java directory


              4.  My expectation is that in the java console, you should see a request to download and cache your jar file.  If you do not, then your configuration is incorrect and the problem is not in your code.  Enabling tracing in the console likely will be helpful.  This can be done directly in the console by pressing the number 2 on the keyboard or from the Java Control Panel on the Advanced tab


              Please indicate exactly which Forms and Java (JRE) version you are using if you need further assistance

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                Stephane Baribeau

                Hi, thanks again for your help.


                I use JRocket 1.6.14 R27.6.5 32 bit, my Forms Developer version is


                i would like to sign my jar file, but i really start with this kind of dev.


                i've take a look at this link



                when i try the

                jarsigner jar-file alias  

                i get this error about unable to load .keystore file (unable to find specified file)

                how i can create keystore file? with something like this ? https://www.sslshopper.com/article-most-common-java-keytool-keystore-commands.html

                keytool -genkey -alias mydomain -keyalg RSA -keystore keystore.jks -keysize 2048


                Does that mean i need to resign my jar on each domain?


                Thanks ..


                EDIT : I think i miss something, i have created my keystore file and compiler my jar with jar -cvf myjava.jar myjava.java


                Does it's possible it's because i don't have JInitiator? if i try with any other jar from this site http://forms.pjc.bean.over-blog.com/ all works good, if i try with my jar file, nothing woks.

                i have compiled created java from pjc.beans.over-blog and the jar stop working.


                so i'm really lost, what i'm doing wrong to create my jar file.

                i have tryed the 3 files given by FrancoisDegrelle to create keystroke at this link https://forums.oracle.com/thread/2154907 and it sound good, but my jar not working again.




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                  Michael Ferrante-Oracle

                  I will assume when you said "I use JRocket", you meant on the server side.  I was interested in the client side.  Which Java Plugin version does the browser use?  That said, JRocket is not supported for use with Forms or Reports.  This is unlikely related to your current issue, but you should be aware that this configuration would not be supported.


                  As for signing the jar, you can use the courtesy script we provide to self-sign your jar.  The file is located in the Instance Home\bin directory and is called sign_webutil.  You will need to open this file in a text editor and replace 2 entries that require a password.


                  Change these:

                  SET KEYSTORE_PASSWORD=<Your KEYSTORE password>

                  SET JAR_KEY_PASSWORD=<Your private key password>


                  To this (use your own password, but be sure to remember it):

                  SET KEYSTORE_PASSWORD=oracle

                  SET JAR_KEY_PASSWORD=oracle


                  After you have updated the script, open a DOS or shell (if on Unix) and set the ORACLE_HOME.  The set PATH to include the ORACLE_INSTANCE\bin and the existing PATH.  Then change directories to the location of the jar file you want to sign.  Then enter something like this:


                  sign_webutil <YOUR JAR FILE>


                  Copy the newly signed jar to the proper directory.  Then stop and restart WLS_FORMS and retest.

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                    Stephane Baribeau

                    Hi, thanks for your precious help! Finally, the problem was in my client side, for a reason i don't know. My Java never authorized to use my .jar after a new java installation on client side, all worked perfeclty.

                    Now i can use my javabean.


                    Thanks for all informations you gives. It will be useful for my next step!