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    How to scan solaris 11 for missing patches


      I want to scan my solaris 11 box to get list of either missing patches or patches which need to get updated due to newer version release.


      I tried 'pkg update -nv' command but it looks like its giving result of all package which may get update from command "pkg command".


      For example 'pkg update -nv' also returning me below package :



          0.5.11,5.11- -> None


      but when I ran command 'pkg info SUNWcsd' it gave me below output :


            Name: SUNWcsd
         Summary: Core Solaris Devices

         Description: core entries for /dev and /devices needed for the initial boot

                  of Solaris
        Category: System/Core
           State: Installed
      Publisher: solaris
         Version: 0.5.11

      Build Release: 5.11


      Packaging Date: Fri Nov 05 00:11:42 2010

            Size: 14.59 kB
            FMRI: pkg://solaris/SUNWcsd@0.5.11,5.11-




      above output indicate that latest version of package SUNWcsd already installed on my server.


      So, can anyone please help me with command to get only missing patches from solaris 11 box?