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    User Exit Pump Extract Reading Trail Fails to Start


      I have the following environment:


      Oracle DB on system A

      GG installation for Oracle DB on system A  (GG A)

      GG installation for Java on system B  (GG B)


      I have a srcDb extract running under GG A that reads the Oracle redo logs and generates trail files on system A.


      I have a pumpDb extract running under GG A that pumps the srcDb trail over to a remote trail on system B


      I'm trying to configure a uePump extract running under GG B on system B to read in the trail files that GG A pumped over to it into a user exit ... but I'm failing with the following error when trying to start uePump on the GG B installation:


      mgr.prm: EXTRACT UEPUMP starting.

      uepump.prm: EXTRACT UEPUMP starting.

      uepump.prm:Problem at line 27.  Expecting file, table, or record definition.

      uepump.prm: PROCESS ABENDING.


      I have a sourcedefs variable in my uepump params, and I can verify it is finding/reading the file (... by mis-naming it in the params, and seeing it complain).  I generated the defintion file using the defgen tool on the GG A installation on the host system, and FTP'd the file to system B.  I'm assuming the line number mentioned in the error above is referring to the definitions file.  Line 27 of that file is:


      Database type: ORACLE


      ... and that line is also the first "non-comment" line of the definitions file (... assuming comments in defgen files start with an asterisk ... * )


      Is this an issue between the GoldenGate versions of GG installation A and GG installation B?


      GG A (whose defgen generated the definitions) is:


      Oracle GoldenGate V11. for Oracle 11g 64 bit on Solaris 9/10


      GG B (where I'm seeing the error when trying to read the definition file is:


      Oracle GoldenGate V11. for Java on Solaris 64-bit



      Any help or advice is much appreciated.

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          ... if this is of any value ... here is some additional info from the report file generated just before the error above is seen:


          Source Context :

            SourceModule     : [er.main]

            SourceID              : [/home/ecloud/workspace/Build_OpenSys_r11.[34109]/perforce/src/app/er/rep.c]

            SourceFunction    : [get_infile_params]

            SourceLine           : [10969]

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            Yes this error has been observed when there are differences in formats between DEFGEN versions. This is discussed in the following Knowledge article on MOS:


            Replicat abend with ERROR OGG-00303 Problem at line xx. Expecting file, table, or record definition. (Doc ID 1455370.1)


            In OGG 11.2, there is a new parameter NOEXTATTR. This is used in DEFGEN. When the OGG version in a target site  is lower than the source site, defgen needs to use parameter NOEXTATTR to generate a sourcedef file which target site can read . If using a  sourcedef file generated without NOEXTATTR, a replicat will abend with error 00303.


            So there are two ways to get around the issue:


            1. Use a defgen paramfile with NOEXTATTR option, or

            2. Generate definition file with the same OGG version as the OGG target site version.


            Best regards,


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              Thank you! ... you are correct ... adding the NOEXTATTR flag when invoking defgen utility fixed the problem ... eg:


              $ ./defgen paramfile ./dirprm/defgen.prm reportfile ./dirrpt/defgen.31Jul2013.rpt NOEXTATTR


              Thanks again!