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    OSB maintenance scripts


      Where can I find more information about OSB's maintenance scripts?  Specifically, what is responsible for rotation and cleanup of old files under /usr/local/oracle/backup/admin/history/host/ on the OSB server?


      I have files under /usr/local/oracle/backup/admin/history/host/<hostname>/<date>.<hostname>.0.saved that are from more than 7 months ago.  Under OSB's policies, we have the "Log retain time" and "Transcript retain time" set to 14 days (default is 7 days), and the "Job retain time" set to 21 days (default is 30 days).  Do any of those retention policy settings impact the cleanup of the above mentioned files?  It seems they do not, as the files located there that are 7+ months old are quite past that retention and have not been cleaned up.


      Are the files under /usr/local/oracle/backup/admin/history/host/ maintained by OSB internally, or are those files and directories something that I as the system admin should be cleaning via a cronjob?


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