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        Sure , here is the step by step processes done !!


        1) Metadata Updates are done to Extract dimensions from HFM to Essbase(BSO) through EAL bridge . In HFM the member XXXXBU.Oploc was changed to XXXXBU.OplocOld


        2) After the Updates , the Essbase also followed HFM and Dimension names were changed both in ASO and BSO . (Data is loaded in ASO and Transparent partition transfers data to BSO)


        3) After the changes made , i would expect XXXXBU.OplocOld to have data similar to what was in XXXXBU.Oploc. I verified in HFM that those data was similar. However in Essbase I do not see any data.


        Does it make sense .

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          Heh.  So you aren't editing the outline yourself - there is EAL and partitioning in the mix.


          I remember you asking a related question earlier this year now:


          Retaining Historical Data in Essbase


          I mentioned in that thread also that you are not helping yourself by neglecting to mention that you're talking about an EAL cube.  I say this only because by providing more complete information you might get more helpful responses.


          This may not be the 'vanilla' Essbase problem everyone has assumed it is up until now.  I certainly don't know (I haven't used EAL).  I think John Goodwin knows his way around it.

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            Yes Sir , have all systems around

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