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    Invalid WSDL - Certificate not trusted - Exception while publishing WSDL in OSR from HTTPS Server




      I am publishing a Web Service in OSR from an HTTPS Server. I am getting exception as


      Error message:

      WSDLException: faultCode=INVALID_WSDL: java.io.IOException: java.security.cert.CertificateException: Server certificate ....... is not trusted!


      To remove this exception I have done following steps


      a) Added Certificate from remote server in Identity Store of WebLogic Server using keytool utilitity


      keytool -import -alias devCertificate -file c:/certificates/okdsoa.cer -truststore demoIdentityStore.jks


      b) Added Certificate from remote server in the trust store of weblogic server using keytool utility


      keytool -import -alias devCertificate -file c:/certificates/okdsoa.cer -truststore demoTrust.jks


      This didnot help.


      Then I imported certificate to OSR using PStoreTool command as


      PStoreTool.bat add -config C:/OSRHome/registry111/conf/clientconf.xml -certFile c:/certificates/okdsoa.cer


      Bounced the servers but that also didnot help.


      Can you please suggest?