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    Mapping from source to target(An issue) in ODI


      Hi Folks,

      I am trying to map source table with target table in my interface.I have imported KM's (LKM and IKM) required in mapping.This is a particular flat file to flat file mapping.Whether flat file to flat file mapping,or whether flat file to Oracle Table(Target) mapping,it is not making the flow.It is not mapping from Source to Target directly or with staging area.I am importing KM's in my interface but still it is not preparing the flow.

      It is showing me  LKM in property inspector and while even  selecting a particular LKM(example File to SQL) from dropdown in property inspector ,it is not reflecting the selection in Interface i.e there is an issue in Mapping.

      Hope,you guys find the solution asap.


      Rachin Gupta