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    Unable to add Custom Groups as members to an App Role


      We have a requirement where have coded a Custom Authentication Provider for our application.

      Now when we deploy our application to the web logic server we need to map custom User Groups to the Application Roles contained in the policy file.

      By Custom User Groups I mean the user groups which we anticipate the Custom Authentication provider will return as part of authentication process. These User Groups are not captured in the ldap.


      The problem is that when I use Fusion Middleware control (Enterprise Manager) to navigate to the Edit Application Role screen (in context of the application > Security > Application Roles)  the screen forces me to pick the user groups from a List which I presume it retrieves from the embedded LDAP.

      Since we are not using the embedded LDAP for capturing the users and user groups we need the ability to map User Groups in free text.


      Any pointers would be helpful.


      We have installed jdev and applied  ADR after which we have extended the embedded WLS to install EM.