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    Which "Disk Discovery Path" to use on RHEL?




      Environment: Oracle 10gR2 ( + ASM

      Platform: RHEL 5.8 64-bit


      I am configuring ASM Disk groups on a brand new ASM installation. I am confused what should I use for the "Disk Discovery Path" value?


      • Should I use "/dev/sd*"?
      • Or should I use "/dev/disk/by-path/*"


      Both options give me list of the devices that have been configured. The RHEL Sys Admin mentioned that if a new device is added to any of the controllers, the device names under "/dev/sd*" will change (e.g., /dev/sdd  may become /dev/sde) which can make ASM corrupt - whereas the values under "/dev/disk/by-path/*" will NEVER change. I am not using ASMLib.


      I wonder which one should I use as "Disk Discovery Path" (I believe this will become value for ASM_DISKSTRING parameter)?


      Please advise.


      Best regards