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    'Scrollable Content Region' - Region Template - Anybody used successfully?


      I have just implemented a "Data Load" function which is the OOTB page type in apex 4.2 which allows the end user to go through a wizard and import csv data into a table.


      When the user is viewing the data to be imported - they have to scroll across the length of the screen (depending on how many columns you are loading).


      I noticed there is a Region template called "Scrollable Content Region". I tried applying this template to my region, and when this didn't work, to a container region.


      The scrollbars appear (horizontally and vertically) but they are greyed out as the region is still at max width and you have to use the browser to scroll instead.

      I think this looks untidy as the header colour-styling ends, as well as other regions being stretched.



      Has anyone used this successfully before?