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    Google Maps Plugin Code


      I am trying to make the following code work in APEX 4.2.2 on Oracle's Hosted site..


      URL: http://apex.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=67490:650:17365967529069:::::


      Page : 650

      Application: Cost Allocation Test (67490)


      Login: test_user

      Password: damifinoy666


      It works on a local instance of 11g XE, but when hosted on Oracle's hosted site it wants a new Google Maps API key.  There is NOT one associated with the plugin at this time..


      Ultimately I'd like to replace the plugin with Warp 11's Google Map Plugin, but their site for downloads is down right now..  Does anyone have a copy of their plugin they could share??


      Thank you,


      Tony Miller


      SmartDog Services

      Austin, Texas