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    Drill Down - Stacked Column Chart


      APEX 4.2

      Q: Is there a way of retrieving the X-Axis label from a Flash 3D Stacked Column Chart to be used for drill down to report on another page?


      The data for chart (simplified example to show issue):

      STORE    JAN   FEB   MAR

      abc           10     20      30

      def            15     25      35


      This results in a chart with the x-axis being JAN-MAR and the y-axis being 10-35 and each stack in the column represents the store (abc,def).  I can get the store and the value but what I need to be able to retrieve is the store and the month that was selected so I can drill down to the details that represent the value for that month.  I cannot add the month to the original SQL as this would change the grouping.  This chart is generated using one series.


      SELECT store_name store, sum(jan_total) jan, sum(feb_total) feb, sum(mar_total) mar

      FROM store_sales_pivot_mv

      WHERE calendar_year=2013

      GROUP BY store_name


      Not sure if I can get the month label with one series or if I will have to make each month a separate series.