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    Setting an Application Item from a browse Window


      I have created a report (browse) on a table that contains records that indicate which manuals a person is authorized to edit.  The primary key is named manual_id.  When the user selects a certain manual to edit, I need to set an application item equal to the manual_id of the record s/he selected and that application item will be used in another report (browser) to restrict access to only the entries for the selected manual in a second table that contains editing entries for all 100 manuals being tracked..


      I created an application item named V_BOOK_ID and have tried half a dozen ways to populate it with a Computation set to fire after the page submit but have not had any success.


      I am a novice with Application Express and am at a loss how to set V_BOOK_ID to P*_BOOK_ID of the selected record.