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    Oracle 12c Data Redaction


      Oracle Data Redaction enables you to redact (mask) column data.

      Since the product only masks data, how does this change the performance of retrieving and/or displaying the data.

      e.g. Does it change the optimizer plan during execution plan selection or add overhead post data selection prior to being displayed on screen ?

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          Harm Joris ten Napel-Oracle

          Hi Richard,


          Data Redaction is desgined to be fast and implemented in such  a way that the redaction transformations on the data are performed at a stage just before

          the data resulting from a particular query is being send to  the client application, therefore the overhead is minimal and only because of changing the results

          according to the redaction policy. This means no optimizer plan changes can result of adding a Data Redaction policy, typical overhead will be minimal




          Harm ten Napel