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    problem wth plugin modal page



      download skillbuilder modal page plugin; imported to application;

      made required changes;

      I IR with link column

      (select case when count(alias)=0 then null

                   else count(alias) end from instance_application

      where alias in (select alias from tnsnames t where t.host=i.host and t.sid=i.sid)) kbrappl

      Link text: #KBRAPPL#

      link attribute:

      id="#HOST#:#SID#" class="setClick" onclick="return false;"

      target URL: javascript:return false;


      Created DA

      event: Click

      selector Type: Jquery selector

      10. set value (parameter for call modal page);

      20. SkillBuilders Modal Page (2.0.0) [Plug-in]


      create page another report with template popup;

      It is working perfect on start page (until main IR filter changed or IR with mutiple pages going to next pages);

      It is look like changing filter or next page DA not Fire;

      Please help