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    Reached maximum number of pluggable databases




      I seem to be having an issue creating a pluggable database.  I am getting ORA-65010: maximum number of pluggable databases created.  What strikes me as odd is I only have one pluggable database in the container.  This doesn't seem to be a common issue as the theoretical? maximum number is 252?. I have seen a couple different numbers while sifting through the internet.  I can't seem to find documentation regarding this limit or why it would trigger my max at 1.  I am wondering if this may a hardware limitation but after going through error logs and the likes I can't find any problems with the initial installation.


      A little bit of info, the installation was the full install+CDB+PDB.  Server class, standard installation and I can connect to both the container and the pluggable database both internally and from an outside connection.  For the most part I believe its configured correctly.  I have a feeling I missed something along the way but am struggling to find an explanation for this.  Documentation is fine as an answer, just need a point in the right direction.