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    XE ODBC connection parameters




      I installed Oracle XE11G (standard install).

      Then I installed Oracle MySQL Connector 3.51 Driver.


      Now I would like to setup an ODBC datasource in the Windows settings.


      I can't manage to setup this connection, despite it seems very easy. When I try to add a new system datasource with MySQL ODBC 3.51 driver, I enter the following parameters:

      Data source name: mydata

      Description: mydata

      TCP/IP server: localhost

      Port: [not filled]

      User: SYSTEM [default install user]

      Password: [my password]

      Database: as the connection does not work, databases from user SYSTEM are not displayed...


      Do I miss something in my installation process? Any missing piece of software or something like that? Change to be made in the tnsnames.ora file?


      Any help would be appreciated.


      Thanks in advance,