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    Changing the Status of the field to Mandatory in Assignment Form





      Navigate to HRMS: Enter and Maintain form, click on Assignment Tab, Goto 'Miscellenous' tab, you will find 'Reason' field.

      I want to make 'Reason' field to null and make mandatory every time when any field (like Organisation,Location,Job,Grade,Payroll .....) in that block gets updated.


      I implemented the following things, plz have a look and suggest me to achieve the above mentioned functionality.


      Condition Tab

                    Trigger Event = WHEN-VALIDATE-RECORD

                    Trigger Object = ASSGT


                    Processing Mode = Both

      Context :

                   Level = User value ='empname'


      Actions Tab

                       Type = Property

                       Object Type = Item

                      Target Object = ASSGT.CHANGE_REASON_MEANING

                      Property Name = REQUIRED

                      value = TRUE


      After implementing the above changes it is behaving like below,

      Opened the HRMS - Enter and Maintain - click on Assignment tab,


      Updated 'Organization' filed and saved the form, then 'Reason' field turned to yellow color, i can close the form without providing any value to 'Reason' field. (it is not forcing the user to enter any value to that mandatory field)