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    Assessment / Question Templates


      I have created a custom publishing style, asessment template and question template.


      Choosing the publishing style is easy - you simply pick it in the publishinbg wizard.


      Howvever, with the other templates I have followed the reccommendations from the UPK documentation:

      Copy the standard template

      Rename the copy

      Customise the copy.


      ...but I can't find a way of specifying which template I want to use whilst publishing. Any ideas?


      (I can copy the standard and customise the original and that works fine, but that will be overwritten as we upgrade)



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          - update


          It looks like the the templates act as linked documents - you can move them around in the library, and you can rename them, but it is still that template that is used when you publish.


          So my question becomes - where is that document linked and can you change that link?


          If you can't then the published guidance is NOT clear or accurate. What you would need to do is:


          1. Copy the template to create a backup

          2. Rename the ORIGINAL

          3. Modify the ORIGINAL


          If anyone can clarify that'd be fantastic!

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            Dirk Manuel

            I think you're correct. Unless Oracle just forgot to add a Template property to the Assessment / Question objeects, there is no way to tell it to use another template - it will always use "Standard".

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              Dirk Manuel

              Actually, if you go into the source file for the Question (in the Local Repository) then you will find a statement:<QuestionTemplate>0a9ee099-ee19-4bbf-b14b-7efefcc119d4</QuestionTemplate>. You could always manually change this. i wouldn't recommend it, but it does at least show that the functionality is theoreticaly there...