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    Populate BAM data object through adf form.

    Simanta Bordoloi

      I want to populate a BAM data object using adf form as we do in case of database table by creating a data control. How to do this?

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          Ravi Jegga

          Hi Simanta

          1. I am seeing lot of posts from you regarding this Java to BAM Data Objects integration.

          2. What exactly are you trying to do. Dataobjects are very tightly coupled with actual Database component that is used to create that like Table or View etc.

          3. Best way is. Create a data object. Export that DataObject using "icommand". See docs for this command usage.It generate a pure .XML file with all the details like DataObject name, external referenced Database details (datasource name), external Table or View details. Then mapping for EACH column on this object and that database stuff. Just see the xml file, Its pretty straight forward. When you Export Reports also, it creates an XML File exactly like this only but with more details like all column Formatting information etc etc. Export one Report also and see that xml 4. file.

          4. Both above XML Files are stored in ORABAM Schema. Tables of interest are :SysIterDataset, SysIterParameter, SysIterParameterValue, SysIterReport etc.

          5. Oracle do NOT expose any Public APIs to handle above stuff. But if you really really want, you can always manipulate XML content and reload to those columns any time. Need to add few query parameters to get exact row like ReportId, or DataObject Id which are just PKs etc.


          Still, I am curious why and what is the usecase where you want to do all this from Java code. Because DataObject is a one time thing. And note that it is used in Report. So if you modify data object like remove a column, then Report will die.


          By the way, all the WebServices exposed may be for ReadOnly purposes. I am not sure if you have services to modify them.



          Ravi Jegga

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            Simanta Bordoloi

            I want to make web service proxy for "" which is deployed on the server side. I am getting an error:

            (INFO: WSM-09004 Component auditing cannot be initialized.

            INFO: Recipient Alias property not configured in the policy. Defaulting to encrypting with signers certificate.

            Exception in thread "main" com.sun.xml.ws.client.ClientTransportAccessException: The server sent HTTP status code 401: Unauthorized:

            I am not able to to access the web service because it is password protected. I am not sure which policy will work.

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              Ravi Jegga

              Yes, it is password protected because all these are done like creating Data Objects, Reports only by users in specific Roles like BAM Adminstrators, Views, Architects etc. So from browser itself it asked for username and password, once I entered it, I could see the WSDL created.

              So your question is more on pure WebServices and not specific to BAM. If a WebService is secured how to create a Proxy or java client for that. I am not aware of this.



              Ravi Jegga

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                Hi Simanta,


                For BAM data object using ADF form, you can use below link.This is very useful,





                Siva Sankar