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    Issue While Terminating a Service Contract with future date


      Hi CRM Gurus,


      We are in Oracle EBusiness Suite version R12 (12.1.3) and implementing service contracts for a client.


      Please help us with the following issue that we are facing while terminating  a service contract line with future date (end of the month).


      Example :

      A Contract 123 with 10 months of duration (Start Date:01-JUL-2013 and End Date: 30-APR-2014) has a service line 1.0 with unit price as $50 for a period of 10 months .The billing schedule is set for 10 months with each month for $50.


      The create main billing is run for the month of Jul 2013 and Aug 2013 and is sent to AR.Now we want to terminate the contract line with 30-Sep-2013 as termination date without any credit back to the customer so that we want to charge for month of Sep as well for $50.

      When we give 30-Sep-2013 as termination date and terminate the line, the billing schedule refreshes with $50 for Jul1-Jul 31 and $50 for Aug1-Aug31 and $48.39 for Sep1-Sep 29 instead of  30-Sep which is the termination date that we see on the line.


      The requirement is that we want to have the  billing for $50 even for the month of Sep,but the system only calculates for $48.39(which is 1 day minus) for the month of Sep. When we give Oct 1 as termination date ,then we get the schedule dates and amounts correctly i.e. 01-Sep to 30-Sep for $50.


      How do we achieve to bill for $50 when we put 30-Sep-2013 as termination date ? I see that the regular termination process does not consider timestamp while providing the termination date.


      Is this a bug or is there a patch for this or is there a workaround for this other than providing 01-Oct as termination date ?Please help.



      Sandeep Gorla