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    DATAEXPORT causing Error: 1042013 Network error [10054]: Failed to receive data


      Hi all,


      I came across this error first when executing a DATAEXPORT script to do a partial backup of my data, here's what Essbase is logging:


      [Thu Aug 01 15:23:30 2013]Local/Allocatn///4776/Info(1013210)
      User [admin@Native Directory] set active on database [Allocatn]

      [Thu Aug 01 15:23:30 2013]Local/Allocatn///4408/Info(1042059)
      Connected from [::ffff:]

      [Thu Aug 01 15:23:30 2013]Local/Allocatn/Allocatn/admin@Native Directory/4408/Info(1013091)
      Received Command [Calculate] from user [admin@Native Directory]

      [Thu Aug 01 15:23:30 2013]Local/Allocatn/Allocatn/admin@Native Directory/4408/Info(1013167)
      Received Command [Calculate] from user [admin@Native Directory] using [BackupBudgetFY14.csc]

      [Thu Aug 01 15:23:34 2013]Local/Allocatn/Allocatn/admin@Native Directory/4408/Info(1008108)
      Essbase Internal Logic Error [7100]

      [Thu Aug 01 15:23:34 2013]Local/Allocatn/Allocatn/admin@Native Directory/4408/Info(1008106)
      Exception error log [F:\Oracle\Middleware\user_projects\epmsystem1\diagnostics\logs\essbase\essbase\app\Allocatn\Allocatn\log00053.xcp] is being created...

      [Thu Aug 01 15:23:35 2013]Local/Allocatn/Allocatn/admin@Native Directory/4408/Info(1008107)
      Exception error log completed F:\Oracle\Middleware\user_projects\epmsystem1\diagnostics\logs\essbase\essbase\app\Allocatn\Allocatn\log00053.xcp please contact technical support and provide them with this file

      [Thu Aug 01 15:23:35 2013]Local/Allocatn///4408/Info(1002089)


      The contents of the mentioned file log00053.xcp aren't really helpful, but after a bit of googling everything pointed to an issue related do block header integrity or some other form of db structure corruption.


      Running an alter database validate just returned the same error, but attempting to fix it via alter database repair invalid_block_headers did find and fix a total of 53 IBH, but the error still persists. Essbase was also restarted and the db restructured.


      Any help or pointers to what what else I can do to fix this will be greatly appreciated.