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    need help re-installing agent for rac node in oem12c




      Working with professional platinum services from oracle one of our agents on one of our exadata database nodes was deleted ( what's done is done oh well). Since this node was apart of a Rac installation for exadata I don't want to just remove it and not be able to add it back into the cluster.


      We previously discovered that adding a node at a time into OEM ( due to a migration to a server with more capacity for the Enterprise Manager Software ) causes the rac nodes to be treated as different clusters so I am hesitant to remove the other node completly from OEM ( even though the agent is down), ( i have a ticket open w Oracle however they are shoveling docs back at me for now ).


      Basically with the docs I have I see that it seems what I want is "similar" to the doc "Extending Oracle Real Application Clusters" Extending Oracle Real Application Clusters

      however this is specifically aimed at adding a new node, and what I want is to re-add a node that the agent was destroyed on.

      Does anyone have any experience with this?