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    Newly Created items not seen when creating a quote




      I created a new item and now I am trying to add this item in the my new quote. I cannot find the item. Is there any concurrent program or any setup I need to do so that it reflects in the quotes. Please help as I am new to this and not aware of the functional setups for this.


      Thanks in advance.




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          Please review the following document:

          Cannot find items to add to a Quote (Doc ID 340933.1)


          Excerpt from this document:

          1. Determine where the application is searching for the item by checking the value for the profile 'ASO: Enable Intermedia Search'
               If set to Yes - both the interMedia Search and Inventory tables are searched
               If set to No  - only the Inventory table is searched

               Note:  In R12, the HTML UI will always use the interMedia search.

          2. Verify the inventory item meets the following criteria:

          A) The current date must be within the start and end date range set for the product
          B) The product must be valid for the inventory organization of the operating unit in which the quote is created.
          C) The product must be in the default category set defined for/in the functional area "Order Management."

          Inventory Organization is determined as follows:
          - Quoting UI first reads the value of profile ASO: Category Set.
          - If this profile is not set, it reads from OM functional area.
              (Navigation -> OM > Setup > Items > Categories > Default Category Sets)
          using the OM responsibility which points to the same OU as the Quoting responsibility.

          D) The product must have the "Customer Orders Enabled" flag enabled..
          E) The BOM Item Type must be Model or Standard.
          F) The Primary UOM is not ENR.


          3. If the interMedia search is enabled, make sure the iStore Search Insert concurrent program was run to populate the interMedia search table.
            See Note 261454.1 - 'How to reduce the number of records inserted by iStore Search Insert?'  for information on the profiles that determine which items are inserted into this table by the program.

            See Note 1263758.1 - How To Locate which Responsibility the iStore Search Insert Concurrent Program can be run from?


          Note: Only interMedia Search is supported in R12 HTML Quoting.  Hence, it is enabled by default.


          Additional troubleshooting queries are in this document.