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    Advice - how to remove a page from an application in a build script




      I have a requirement to remove redundant pages from a production Apex application.  In addition to removing the entry from the menu I also need to remove the actual page.  The approach that immediately comes to mind is to remove the pages from the application in the development environment (after it's refreshed with the latest version from production of course!) then take an application export and import it back into production.


      However, I've noticed that page export files have a call to "wwv_flow_api.remove_page" before creating the page so I'm wondering if I can't accomplish the page removal using, say:


      ...top part of page export file...




      wwv_flow_api.remove_page (p_flow_id=>wwv_flow.g_flow_id, p_page_id=>1);

      wwv_flow_api.remove_page (p_flow_id=>wwv_flow.g_flow_id, p_page_id=>2);

      wwv_flow_api.remove_page (p_flow_id=>wwv_flow.g_flow_id, p_page_id=>3);

      wwv_flow_api.remove_page (p_flow_id=>wwv_flow.g_flow_id, p_page_id=>4);

      wwv_flow_api.remove_page (p_flow_id=>wwv_flow.g_flow_id, p_page_id=>5);







      I obviously still need to test this but was wondering if anyone had any advice why this may or may not be a good idea.