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    Set IR report filters


      Apex 4.1


      1.I need to set IR report column filter based on an application item.

      I have application item G_CURRENT_YEAR which stores current year.

      Now depending on item value i need to compare quarter like if 2013 then like operator should be applied on quarter column like '2013%'.

      On year change to 2014 filter should check for 2014 quarters.


      2.My report represents different projects,on basis of some sql query condition i need to show only those projects which satisfy the sql condition.

      I mean the sql query should be dynamic to filter out specific project ids. Can we set row/column filters.


      My classic report query looks something like this



      v_sql CLOB;


      v_sql := 'select * from projects';



      v_sql := v_sql||'AND EXISTS (select 1 from project_lookup where project_lookup.project_id=projects.project_id)';

      END IF; --this if condition i need to apply it as filter




      I have my IR report on projects table

      Here my main concern is how to filter data comparing project_lookup table which is cannot be used in my IR report query.How to represent above classic report query in IR report