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    Installation of Oracle Client 32 bit on Windows 64 bit


      Hi ,

      I'm trying to install the 32 bit Oracle client (release 11.2.0) on a Windows server with 64 bit (Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard, Service Pack 1).

      It's my understanding that this is supported and should work. However, the 64 bit Oracle client (release 11.2.0) is already installed on the server.

      We need the 32 bit client since an older application requires this.

      The GUI for the install of the client starts fine - but when the step "Finish installation" the GUI suddenly disappeares. The logfile of the installation ends



      INFO: Setting the value  for INSTALL_TYPE variable

      INFO: Variable "INSTALL_TYPE" wird auf "InstantClient" festgelegt. Der Wert wurde von der Befehlszeile empfangen.

      INFO: adding the variable oracle_install_NoMigration to command line args table

      INFO: adding the variable oracle_install_RACInstall to command line args table

      INFO: adding the variable oracle_install_WindowsSystemDirectory to command line args table

      INFO: Update the State machine to STATE_INIT_SESSION

      INFO: Creating & Initializing the Session Interface Manager

      INFO: Calling OiicInstallAPISession's prepareForInstallOperations

      INFO: Do the iterator execution till Summary

      INFO: Initialisieren des Installationsbestands

      INFO: Einrichten des Installationsbestands


      I'm executing the installation as a local admin - I've tried the installation with setting the compatibility mode to Windows 2000. No success at all :-(

      Did I get it wrong that ths 32 bit client is certified with this windows version? Does anybody have experience with the same situation?


      Any help will be appreciated!