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    Cannot start essbase



      I have this issue with Essbase.

      It was working fine, and now it has suddenly stopped working.

      When I try to connect to EAS or run Maxl in the server (which has essbase).

      it gives me the networ error message

                network error 10061: unable to connect to servername         

                the client timed out waiting to connect to essbase agent using tcp/ip.    

                check your network connections.

                also make sure that server and port values are correct


      I have tried to run the essbase.exe/startessbase.bat, etc and when i check the task manager, it pops up and then disappears.


      Any suggestions what might have caused it?



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          Check the ARBOR path in your Environment Variable , also check with your Windows/Unix admin if the APS server is working fine !

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            They all look fine.

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              Which version of Essbase is it, by the sounds it is running on windows so usually you would start a windows service, also you normally would check the logs if there is a problem.






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                Check for Essbase Opmn service , if it is not started you will get this type of error !! You just need to Activate OPMN

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                  John, when i look at the services, the OPMN is started, but on the taskmanager, i do not see any essbase.exe or anything like that. any suggestion?

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                    There is a windows command to check OPMN status , task manager doesnt give you sufficient Information . So go to the server and check the      Status , if Inactive make it active.

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                      could you tell me how to run and what the window command is.

                      the essbase.exe pops up in the taskmgr and then disappear.

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                        If you start the OPMN service and the essbase.exe process starts and then stops you will need to check the logs, check the Essbase.log and the OPMN logs











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                          Thanks John, I am checking to see if there is anything I can find. But you know what, the EPM log is like an ocean. You never find what you looking for. Or way too tough to find.

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                            This is the kind of log:

                            Seems like it starts and then stops by itself



                              Status: Stopped

                              Operation: request (success)

                              ErrFile: D:\oracle\Middleware\user_projects\epmsystem2\diagnostics\logs\OPMN\opmn\console~Essbase1~EssbaseAgent~AGENT~1.log



                            [2013-05-23T13:01:32][opmn][TRACE:1][666][OPMN][code:pm-process]Process Stopped: Essbase1~EssbaseAgent~AGENT~1 (977144919:10968)

                            [2013-05-23T13:49:45][opmn][NOTIFICATION:1][90][OPMN][code:ons-internal]ONS server initiated

                            [2013-05-23T13:49:45][opmn][NOTIFICATION:1][522][OPMN][code:pm-internal]PM state directory exists: D:\oracle\Middleware\user_projects\epmsystem2\config\OPMN\opmn\states

                            [2013-05-23T13:49:45][opmn][NOTIFICATION:1][675][OPMN][code:pm-internal]OPMN server ready.  Request handling enabled.

                            [2013-05-23T13:49:45][opmn][TRACE:1][667][OPMN][code:pm-requests]Request 2 Started.  Command: /start

                            [2013-05-23T13:49:45][opmn][TRACE:1][662][OPMN][code:pm-process]Starting Process: Essbase1~EssbaseAgent~AGENT~1 (977144920:0)

                            [2013-05-23T13:49:57][opmn][TRACE:1][665][OPMN][code:pm-process]Process Alive: Essbase1~EssbaseAgent~AGENT~1 (977144920:10020)

                            [2013-05-23T13:49:57][opmn][TRACE:1][668][OPMN][code:pm-requests]Request 2 Completed. Command: /start

                            [2013-06-03T10:02:00][opmn][NOTIFICATION:1][676][OPMN][code:pm-internal]OPMN server stopped.  Request handling disabled.

                            [2013-06-03T10:02:00][opmn][TRACE:1][667][OPMN][code:pm-requests]Request 3 Started.  Command: /shutdown

                            [2013-06-03T10:02:00][opmn][TRACE:1][663][OPMN][code:pm-process]Stopping Process: Essbase1~EssbaseAgent~AGENT~1 (977144920:10020)

                            [2013-06-03T10:02:23][opmn][TRACE:1][668][OPMN][code:pm-requests]Request 3 Completed. Command: /shutdown

                            [2013-06-03T10:02:23][opmn][TRACE:1][][OPMN][code:pm-requests]Http 3


                              Status: Stopped

                              Operation: request (success)

                              ErrFile: D:\oracle\Middleware\user_projects\epmsystem2\diagnostics\logs\OPMN\opmn\console~Essbase1~EssbaseAgent~AGENT~1.log

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                              13/08/02 10:50:16 Start process


                              EPMCSS-00001: Failed to initialize EPM Shared Services security instance. Component SYSTEM9/FOUNDATION_SERVICES_PRODUCT/SHARED_SERVICES_PRODUCT is null in EPM System Registry. Verify EPM System Registry configuration.

                                at com.hyperion.css.registry.RegistryManager.initRegistry(RegistryManager.java:109)

                                at com.hyperion.css.registry.RegistryManager.<init>(RegistryManager.java:94)

                                at com.hyperion.css.registry.RegistryManager.getInstance(RegistryManager.java:131)

                                at com.hyperion.css.CSSSystemFactory.getCSSMode(CSSSystemFactory.java:102)

                                at com.hyperion.css.CSSSystemFactory.getCSSSystem(CSSSystemFactory.java:71)

                                at com.hyperion.css.CSSSystem.initCSSSystem(CSSSystem.java:319)

                                at com.hyperion.css.CSSSystem.getInstance(CSSSystem.java:273)

                              Warning: Invalid or Obsolete Configuration Setting - essbase.cfg(37): "InstanceName Essbase1"

                              DefaultLogLocation is set to FALSE.  Using [ARBORPATH] to set log location.

                              ODL log location is [D:\oracle\Middleware\user_projects\epmsystem2\diagnostics\logs\essbase\essbase_0].



                              65535 Essbase user 65535 Planning user system



                              Essbase  - Release 11.1.2 (ESB11.

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                              Fatal Error: An error occurred while initializaing Essbase. See the Essbase log file for more information





                              [Fri Aug 02 10:50:16 2013]Local/ESSBASE0///5732/Info(1051283)

                              Retrieving License Information Please Wait...



                              [Fri Aug 02 10:50:16 2013]Local/ESSBASE0///5732/Info(1051286)

                              License information retrieved.



                              [Fri Aug 02 10:50:23 2013]Local/ESSBASE0///5732/Error(1051223)

                              Single Sign On function call [css_init] failed with error [CSS Error: CSS method invocation error: getInstance: Failed to get CSSSystem instance, please check SharedServices_Security_Client.log for more information]



                              [Fri Aug 02 10:50:23 2013]Local/ESSBASE0///5732/Info(1051198)

                              Single Sign-On Initialization Failed !



                              [Fri Aug 02 10:50:23 2013]Local/ESSBASE0///5732/Info(1051232)



                              Using English_UnitedStates.Latin1@Binary as the Essbase Locale



                              Exception in thread "main"

                              [Fri Aug 02 10:50:23 2013]Local/ESSBASE0///5732/Error(1051683)

                              Attempt to retrieve connection information from the registry failed. Please check reg.properties file and try again.



                              [Fri Aug 02 10:50:23 2013]Local/ESSBASE0///5732/Error(1051686)

                              Attempt to find an Agent instance corresponding to ARBORPATH [D:/HYPERION/ESSBASE] failed.




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                                Celvin Kattookaran

                                Check whether all information is correct in reg.properties file (<epmdrive>:\Oracle\Middleware\user_projects\epmsystem1\config\foundation\


                                Is it showing an IP address?







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                                  #Mon Feb 04 17:39:36 EST 2013







                                  Looks fine

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                                    Celvin Kattookaran

                                    Did something change? Is that your personal installation? Can you connect to registry using Toad/SQL developer?







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