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    Error when installing apex 4.2.2


      Hi All,


      I know it's a quite new version of APEX but we have decided to upgrade our current version (4.1.1) to the new 4.2.2.


      I downloaded it from this link (OTN).


      I unzipped downloaded file in: /usr/lib/oracle/xe/ (Renamed previous APEX version folder to "apex4.1.1").


      Then I followed steps listed in this link in order to get APEX upgraded to 4.2.2 version.


      After a few minutes, the installation process failed with below error:



      alter package wwv_flow_security compile body


      Error at line1:

      ORA-04021: timeout ocurred while waiting to lock object




      I have checked through database and found that  this package (APEX_040200.WWV_FLOW_SECURITY) is locked by that user (APEX_040200).

      It seems that something is wrong with the installation process as it creates the APEX_040200 and then its package WWV_FLOW_SECURITY.


      I have reverted this installation. This process includes dropping APEX_040200 user using cascade mode. So I made sure that all db objects were deleted for that user. Then I re-run installation process with no luck. I got same error message.


      Have you ever experienced this kind of error during APEX upgrade process? Am I missing some step before running this process?


      I really appreciate your help on this!!