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    APEX listener returns blank login page


      APEX 4.2.2

      APEX listener 2.0.2


      Platform is 32bit Linux, Amazon EC2


      I am reasonably certain that I have deployed apex.war and i.war correctly to Glassfish, and defined a virtual path and a database connection correctly.


      When running Firefox on the EC2 machine, browsing to


      returns a login page no problem. But browsing to the external, publicly visible, address (I have to obscure the actual address, I'll use a.b.c.d) either from the hosting machine or across the net returns an empty page:



      This succeeds:


      I get the standard Glassfish page so I know Glassfish is listening on that address.


      I have also tried starting the listener standalone, and I get the same effect: it returns a login screen when browsing to the localhost, but going to the external address I get a blank page.


      The pages really are blank, nothing shows in the page source and this is all Firebug returns:





      <link title="Wrap Long Lines" href="resource://gre-resources/plaintext.css" type="text/css" rel="alternate stylesheet">











      I have been trying to enable tracing of the request on the server side, but I haven't yet found a way to produce the equivalent of an access.log. Searching the forum did produce a couple of references to "routing rules" but I have been unable to find what and where these might be.


      As the listener works perfectly when going to localhost, I cannot believe that rthis is the common problem of not finding imges, or an issue with url mapping. But I am of course open to any suggestions!


      Any insight will be welcome.

      Thank you for your time.