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    In-store Pickup

    user97359 - oracle

      Does ATG 10.2 come with an option for in-store pickup "out of the box".  Trying to get an option for the shipping to be Pick Up In Store when the customer checks out, akin to the references in the agent section here Oracle ATG Web Commerce - Configuring In-Store Pickup. but not in the commerce service center, but in the UI when the customer checks out.



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          The basic answer is yes, ATG 10.2 has an in-store pickup feature.  How much out of the box support are you looking for?  The core Commerce module (DCS) has full support, including a new shipping group type, a new store location repository, and new inventory system support for location specific stock levels.  You have to fill in your own location and inventory data and add storefront UI to make in-store pickup available to shoppers.  The Commerce Reference Store does not contain support for in-store pickup.  CSC supports in-store pickup ootb if you set up all the necessary pieces, as described in the manual at the link you sent.

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            user97359 - oracle

            Thanks for responding.  If I needed to demonstrate in-store pickup, would you suggest that I start from a fresh installation because the Commerce Reference Store will not be able to do so.

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              CRS doesn't have anything that would block your ability to use in-store pickup.  There's just no UI or form handler support to show store inventory availability for products, let a shopper choose a location on the product detail page, display store pickup details on the shipping and order pages, or let a shopper switch between in-store and normal shipping during checkout.  You'll have to build all of that.  Of course, if you start without CRS, you'll still have to build all of that plus catalog browsing, product detail pages, the cart page, etc.