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    Configuring DBFW out-of-band




      I'm trying to configure a resilient pair of DBFW and there's a lot of things that I haven't seen in the documentation referring to this point.


      First of all, How should I configure the traffic source of the Database Firewall? It some part it explicitly says that you can't configure a resilient pair with a bridge, and I also understood that you can not configure it as a proxy, but when I try to configure an enforcement point to this pair it explicitly asks for a bridge of a proxy. What do I have to configure then in the traffic source? Do I need to configure a bridge? A proxy to the port of the DB?


      Second, with the Audit Vault Server it says that any configuration should and it's going to be made in the primary server but, how should be the procedure in the DBFW resilient pair? I'm unsure if I need to make the configuration of the traffic sources in the primary only or in both?


      I hope somebody can help me with this, I really haven't found anything in oracle support or google .


      Thank you very much in advance.


      Yours hopefully,


      Mireya G