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    Endeca Preview on ATG CRS


      I have ATG 10.1.2 and Endeca 3.1.1.


      I configured Stage and Prod instances of CRS, and I connected them to one Endeca App with 2 DGraphs.

      Stage CRS is connected to Authoring DGraph, while Prod CRS is connected to Live DGraph.


      Preview in Endeca App points to Stage CRS: http://localhost:8280/crs and http://localhost:8280/crs/link.json (not sure the latter is correct)


      Preview works fine when I change something in existing pages, e.g. instead of 12 products per page, I set 10 and clicking Preview button I immediately see the change in opened Stage CRS


      But, when I try to create a new page in Experience Manager and preview it, I'm getting the below error:


           Error: Calling the preview link service failed. Please check the link service URL configuration in Preview Settings.
      As a workaround I can run Promote Content script after adding a new page in Experience Manager, and the script somehow pushes the new page to both Authoring and Live instances. But this workaround doesn't have much sense to me, as I want to see my change on Authoring instance only, without pushing it to Live.
      Please help.


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          Hello PKU,


          Can you please let me know , while creating a new page in EXPMGR did u happen to create any new templates to the page which u are creating,If so please add the aapropriate cartridge in ur store.war cartridge folder, this is because when ever a new template of type page or cartridge is create , it looks for the corresponding cartridge handler.


          If i am not clear, mention the steps that u are taking to creating a new page in experience manager, ill let u know why this is happening.