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    Replication stopped


      Hi All,


      Replication stopped without errors in error log and throwing below error while stopping the replicate process.(replicate & extract  processes are up and running)


      GGSCI  7> stop replicat AAA

      Sending STOP request to REPLICAT AAA...
      STOP request pending end-of-transaction (582994 records so far).


      Please suggest this is production.




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          Paste the output of the below....

          Info AAA ,Detail

          view report AAA

          Send Replicat AAA,Stats

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            HI ,


            PFB desired output.


            GGSCI (xxx) 2> info AAA,detail

            REPLICAT   AAA   Last Started 2013-06-28 23:13   Status RUNNING
            Checkpoint Lag       00:00:00 (updated 557:31:27 ago)
            Log Read Checkpoint  File /trail/rt021318
                                 2013-07-06 17:06:38.260977  RBA 5896164

            GGSCI (xxx) 4> view report AAA

            Address Space Size   :    unlimited    unlimited
            Heap Size            :    unlimited    unlimited
            File Size            :    unlimited    unlimited
            CPU Time             :    unlimited    unlimited

            Process id: 12601

            CACHEMGR virtual memory values (may have been adjusted)
            CACHEBUFFERSIZE:                         64K
            CACHESIZE:                              512M
            CACHEBUFFERSIZE (soft max):               4M
            CACHEPAGEOUTSIZE (normal):                4M
            PROCESS VM AVAIL FROM OS (min):           1G
            CACHESIZEMAX (strict force to disk):    881M

            Database Version:
            Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production
            PL/SQL Release - Production
            CORE      Production
            TNS for Linux: Version - Production
            NLSRTL Version - Production

            Database Language and Character Set:
            NLS_LANG environment variable specified has invalid format, default value will be used.
            NLS_LANG environment variable not set, using default value AMERICAN_AMERICA.US7ASCII.
            NLS_LANGUAGE     = "AMERICAN"
            NLS_TERRITORY    = "AMERICA"
            NLS_CHARACTERSET = "AL32UTF8"

            Warning: your NLS_LANG setting does not match database server language setting.
            Please refer to user manual for more information.

            GGSCI (xxx) 7> send replicat AAA,stats

            Sending STATS request to REPLICAT AAA ...

            Start of Statistics at 2013-07-29 23:11:27.

            DDL replication statistics:

            *** Total statistics since replicat started     ***
                    Operations                                   0.00
                    Mapped operations                            0.00
                    Unmapped operations                          0.00
                    Other operations                             0.00
                    Excluded operations                          0.00
                    Errors                                       0.00
                    Retried errors                               0.00
              Discarded errors                             0.00
                    Ignored errors                               0.00


            *** Latest statistics since 2013-06-28 23:13:17 ***
                    Total inserts                                0.00
                    Total updates                             3814.00
                    Total deletes                                0.00
                    Total discards                               0.00
                    Total operations                          3814.00


            *** Hourly statistics since 2013-07-29 23:00:00 ***

                    No database operations have been performed.

            *** Latest statistics since 2013-06-28 23:13:17 ***
                    Total inserts                                7.00
                    Total updates                            15940.00
                    Total deletes                                7.00
                    Total discards                              14.00
                    Total operations                         15954.00


                    No database operations have been performed.
                    Total inserts                            68381.00

            Statistics reply buffer exceeded.  Results truncated...


            I truncated some repetitive lines.


            Please suggest.

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              Hi Gurus,


              Any clue ??



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                Normally this indicates that the Replicat is processing a long running transaction. By default the Replicat will not commit the target transaction until it sees the end of the transaction in the trail (up to the default MAXTRANSOPS value, which is 100,000,000 operations). The typical options in this case are to either:


                - Allow the Replicat to complete the transaction, or

                - SEND REP <rename> FORCESTOP, change the Replicat parameters to decrease MAXTRANSOPS and restart the Replicat. This does mean though that you will be breaking the transaction boundary as it occurred on the source system though.


                In your case though, it does not seem so straightforward. Your Replicat last checkpointed on July 6, 25 days ago, so it seems like something else is going on. Are there any messages in the report file?


                Since this is a production down situation, you may want to open a case with Oracle Support so they can troubleshoot this with you.


                Best regards,


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                  Thanks Marie for your response.