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    Dataguard failed archivelog updates


      Hi all,


      Aix 6.1


      We usually encountered archivelog failure to update the standby database due to voluminous transaction during batch time.

      These usually happened during paydays every 15th or 30th of the month. The voluminous acrhives can not accommodated

      by the network bandwidth so we manually transfer it and apply to the physical standby database.


      Can you share me your scripts that handles this situation?  Someone advised to create a script that checks if acrhive log gaps

      is > 10 . Then zip all the gaps archivelogs and ftp it to the standby server, and unzip, and then apply.

      I am not good in writing scripts and I am also afraid that I might mess the process and might delete the logs erroneously.


      By the way how do you count if gaps is > 10? Can it be queried in the database views?


      Please share your scripts....