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    BI Analytics page and Publisher is not logging in


      Hi friends,


      I did OBIEE enterprise installation in windows server 2008 R2 successfully, in which i can login to the console, EM, analytics and BI publisher with the weblogic user.


      After that i installed BIAPPS with OBIEE up and this OBIA also installed successfully. But after the OBIA installation if i tried to login to the analytics page and BI publisher with the weblogic user, it is not logging in and it is saying like, im getting below error while logging into the analytics page

      Unable to sign in An invalid username or password was entered in the analytics page.


      If i tried to open BI publisher link im getting the error like


      Server not initialized. Please make sure the repository is ready.


      Since i have all the service in Bi up and running, but i couldnt login to the analytics and publisher page.

      But i can login to the EM and console page with the weblogic user.


      Im not sure with the problem behind this, kindly help me with this friends.


      Thanks in advance.