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    Configure only GL Balance and GL other Job


      Hi All,


      We are planning to implement real time solution for OBIEE. We have identified 2 fact table W_GL_BALANCE_F and W_GL_OTHER_F as of now.


      In real time implementation, the job will run every 30 minutes to load data from the source. Data loaded into EBS in last 30 minutes will be extracted and loaded. There are 2 possible ways we can achive this.


      1. Write a code (same as in OBIA) for these 2 tables to extract and load data into this 2 tables.

      2. Use only "Financial General Ledger" Subject Area and configure DAC, so that it load data only onto these 2 tables.


      Since i am new to OBIA, can someone help me to understand how to configure only those job, which are relevant for W_GL_BALANCE_F and W_GL_OTHER_F tables? So that every 30 mins, we run only one execution plan.