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    ATG 10.2


      Hi All,


      1.  Can we install CRS with out Endeca in ATG 10.2?????

      2.  Can we install ATG10.1.1 32 bit in a 64 bit machine????





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          Hi Bravo,


          1.you can install CRS without Endeca .while you are installing ATG 10.2 in custom add-on's or product selection it'll ask you for the endeca installation if you don't select it it'll install CRS   application alone.

          2. you can't install ATG10.1.1 on 32 bit machine. it wont work. it'll be compatable with 64 bit only

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            If you install CRS 10.2 without Endeca, CRS won't run.  Starting in release 10.1.2, the CRS pages that browse through the catalog were rewritten to use Endeca's Experience Manager product.  Also, the search, faceting (aka refinement), and breadcrumb features were rewritten to use Endeca.  The only way to use CRS 10.2 without Endeca would be to throw away the pages and code that depend on Endeca and replace them with something you wrote.