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    Create Buckets in OBIA report


      Hi Everyone!!


      I am basicaaly new to OBIA Reports. I dont know if I am asking a basic question or not but I have a requirement to create a  report where I have to create buckets for a particular column.

      I have researched online and figured out that it can be done in several ways in RPD or in the report.

      I didnt find any document or any link which shows how to do exactly.

      It can be done by creating bins in edit formula for the respective column.


      My question is for creating buckets do we have to create bins and hide them .Can anybody please let me know is this the correct

      way to create buckets or is there any other way to do it.


      If anyone can share me any documents or links would be really helpful.


      Any suggestion would be really appreciated


      Thanks in Advance!!!

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          Sasi  Nagireddy

          What is " have to create buckets for a particular column " ? Could you be bit clear ?


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            Let me say you have a Percentage metrics.

            you want to bucket it as A,B,C,D such that

            <25  - A





            you need to make use of the metrics Percentage column and click Edit formula and use switchcase in expression and write something like


            when Percentage <25 then 'A'

            when 25<Percentage <50 then 'B'

            when 50<Percentage <75 then 'C'

            else D end


            this will bucket the percentage values in A,B,C & D.

            hope this helps. this you can do it in reports and rpd as well.