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    ASM Diskgroup Monitoring Rule in OEM


      OEM 11g

      Solaris Sparc 64Bit

      Enough Resouces


      Hi DBA's


      I have configured ASM monintorng in OEM, and i can see that my Diskgroups namely:- <SID>_ARCH, <SID>_DATA,<SID>_REDO are visible in OEM and their utilization is also visible


      Now the issue is:-


      I defined one rule that will send me alerts when DiskGroup _ARCH >70%, _DATA >70%


      But I cannot see the DISKGROUP _DATA in METRIC tab when i define rule.


      I can see <SID_ARCH> when is choose metric ArchiveAreaUsed % but i cannot find metric DISKGroup used % when i define rule though its visible in ASM;s metric & policy setting.

      I tried setting rule  using METRIC= dump Area USed% but <SID_DATA> was not visible unlike <SID_ARCH> was visible when i chose metric archive area used%.


      Please suggest me the steps