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    How to configure dads.conf in Oracle Applications R12




      i have added in the dads.conf


      <Location /pls/hrms>

      SetHandler pls_handler

      Order deny,allow

      Allow from All

      AllowOverride None

      PlsqlDatabaseUsername apps

      PlsqlDatabasePassword apps

      PlsqlDatabaseConnectString apps12.ebs:1521:PROD

      PlsqlAuthenticationMode Basic




      when i try to open the following URL http://apps12.ebs:8000/pls/hrms/pck_export.get_resource?p=1065


      e got the below error message


      Not Found

      The requested URL /pls/hrms/pck_export.get_resource was not found on this server.


      if there any documentation on configuring DAD in R12?

      thanks in advance