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    EBS R12 OID 11g Bi-directional Provisioning-OID Container and Default Responsibility


      I'm working on implementing SSO for EBS R12 using OID 11g and OAM 11g. Part of the requirements is to implement bi-directional user provisioning between OID and EBS. I followed Enabling OID/SSO for E-Business Suite R12 | IN ORACLE MILIEU ... and refereed to Oracle documentation and was able to set up bi-directional provisioning. When I registered EBS with OID a provisioning profile was created with OID container as cn=Users,dc=example,dc=com, so any user created in OID inside this container would get created in EBS and any user created in EBS will get created in OID under this container. What I need actually is, I want to use a different OID container and not the one that gets configured by default. Instead of cn=Users,dc=example,dc=com I want to use cn=Users,ou=dev-ebs,dc=example,dc=com. I refereed to several oracle documents but could not find any information on how to achieve this.


      So my question is

      -- Is this possible? Does EBS support this?

      -- If yes, can someone point me to relevant documentation


      Also, when a user is created in OID, it gets created in EBS as well, is it possible to configure default responsibilities which will be assigned to the user.


      Thank you

      -- Sid