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    Member Selection issue Smart View


      Hi there!


      I am experiencing an issue with several different cubes when accessing the member selection function in Smart View version The issue is isolated to 4 Essbase cubes, but among the 4 are both ASO & BSO.


      When I highlight the top, left-most Dimension name and click member selection, NO member names display and the dropdown list is unavailable. As soon as the given Dimension is moved out of the POV, I am able to see the full member list. This also means that the member that has moved into the top, left-most position now has the issue of not being able to select any members (certain dimensions are fine no matter their position).


      I am able to move members around by pivoting the dimension and the member selection function behaves normally for some, but the issue pops back up as soon the dimension is moved back to the POV position.


      If anyone has run into this issue with SmartView before and has a fix, please let me know. I would be happy to clarify my issue if anyone is unclear on what exactly I am trying to describe.


      Thank you for your time!