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    XML SubTemplate Upload

    Shanku Banerjee



      My Appl version is 12.1.3.


      I created a Maintemplate.rtf and a SubTemplate.rtf. I am calling the SubTemplate inside the main template. I used the below commands




      It works fine.

      Now I want to launch the report from oracle Apps.

      1. Create a 'XML' concurrent program

      2. Attached to a RG

      3. In XML Publisher responsibility, created a data definition

      4. During template creation, I select Subtemplate = 'Yes' --Not sure if this is needed to associate a Subtemplate

      5. I uploaded the Main template.rtf

      6. My question is -- How and where to upload the Subtemplate from XML Publisher responsibility.

      I understand that I need to place it somewhere and then use the below sytanx to link it.


      Where and how to upload the Sub Template?

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          Shanku Banerjee

          I can place the rtf under $xdo_top and call the full_path/Subtemplate.rtf , but when I migrate to another instance, I have to change this path. Any way to make it dynamic?

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            Shanku Banerjee

            Ok it's clear now.



            Create a SubTemplate from XML Publisher responsibility . It is similar to creating any other template, only the SubTemplate poplist should have value 'Yes'.


            Then upload the subTemplate.rtf .


            Then in the primary template call it :



            1. AR - Short Name of the SubTemplate Application
            2. XX_SUB - Code of the SubTemplate
            3. en - Language of SubTemplate
            4. 00 - territory of the SubTemplate. If nothing is given (while creating subTemplate) , you can pass 00