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    Connection between Scenario and View

    Cheney Shue

      I was told Default View of Budget should be Periodic, and Actual should be YTD. How to interpret it?

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          geoff pickering

          Generally you specify the view anyway so the default has no bearing.  For example, "extract data" offers Periodic / YTD / Scenario Default as three options.

          Are you sure that the person telling you "Default View ..." was talking about the View dimension? Budget reports are usually (default option) presented as periodic data plus 'Total Year' and perhaps quarterly or halfyearly subtotals.  Actuals are more commonly shown YTD.  Where Actual and Budget are compared, it is quite common to have six columns: three for current month (i.e. periodic) Budget / Actual / Variance and another three for YTD  Budget / Actual / Variance.





          Your question has been here a while with no response until now.  I think that may be because the question can be understood in different ways and people do not want to waste time answering the wrong interpretation. 

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            Cheney Shue

            Thank you. I mean the Default View setting of Scenario members. It control what present on <Scenario View>. I was not clear about this setting.