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    Help needed in creating O2A test order




      Good wishes


      1) As mentioned in help pdf(for o2A installation) - deployed cartridge/AIA emulators in development mode, com and som in same osm instance and  osm and AIA in single server

      2) I submitted 1 test order (with sample xml)- it got created, i see orchestration plan for that order - everything looks good

      3) But when i go to taskweb client - i see it got struck in SyncCustomerSIT task and it is in accepted status.

      4) I verified CreateCustomerQueue - it has 1 message

      5) But i didn't see any message for createCustomerResponse queue.

      Plz help and guide to release 1 test sample order succesfully. (in o2A cartridges).

      If you provide xml name - i can use to see succesful completion of order - it'll be great...