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    Is there a way to have two hosts, not clustered, share an ssh identity?




      I'm using Data Guard to replicate Oracle Databases between two Solaris 10 servers.  They aren't clustered at the OS level but if we invoke DR the standby server is promoted to production and vice versa.


      Along with the databases, I also have application processes which ssh to the server.


      In the past I've worked on VCS environments where we've configured the two nodes to share the same ssh fingerprint so that when the clusters failed over, ssh users would not be prompted about a changed identity when connecting... but in those environments VCS meant a shared IP and clustered hostname floated between the two.


      Is there a way to do something similar with my non-clustered, related servers now so that a DNS alias can be used to direct ssh connections to whichever server Oracle is active on without the users being prompted (or even aware)?


      Thanks in advance,


      PS - not asking for anybody to do my work here; just an idea if it's possible and a pointer in the right direction so I can go figure this out.