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    Solaris encoding issue


      We are decoding value from Base64 (sun One Server attribute value) to plain text, on Solairs 9 with perl scripting.
      When we decode (Don't know what is default encoding on solaris), and update in our target directory (ADLDS, windows Server 2008) the last 2-3 characters showing different value.
      If we print this value on screen (solaris) it is showing different.

      Eg: source directory value: "Arellano Dueñez"
      After decode I am getting on solaris screen and target directory "Arellano Dueñez".

      After using iconv command:
      On solaris screen: "þÿArellano Dueñez"
      And our directory: "þÿ A r e l l a n o D u e ñ e z"


      Just want to know default character encoding on solaris, or which format is suitable to our target directory (Target directoru accespt unicode value)

      Any help is appreciated.