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    4.0 EA1 - sdcli - Invalid connection information specified


      Hi. This is my first time to try the command line interface for SQL Developer. I'm using the new 4.0 early adopter version.


      I want to get HTML output for a report I have created in SQL Developer. This is the command I am running:

      sdcli reports generate -report "LOAD_STUDENT" -db ODSP_WNICHOLSON -file C:\Users\walter.nicholson\Desktop\rprt_test.html


      I keep getting this message:

      Command failed: oracle.javatools.db.DBException: java.sql.SQLException: Invalid connection information specified.


      I have searched google and this website and I cannot find what the "-db" parameter is looking for. ODSP_WNICHOLSON is the connection name I use in SQL Developer. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?


      Thanks in advance,


      Andrew Nicholson


      Texarkana College