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    How to insert row where DB date field has default value.

    Howard (... in Training)

      APEX 4.1, Oracle 11.2

      I'm trying to insert a row using "javascript:addRow();" where the report query is an SQL Query (Updateable Report).

      1)  Several of the fields are display-only with defaulted values.

      2)  No problem with the VARCHAR2 fields.

      3)  And if RUN_DT is a text field, the insert works.

      4)  But I get errors when trying to make RUN_DT (DD-MON-YYYY) display-only and default it to P63_RUN_DT.  I display P63_RUN_DT so I see it is correct.


      Now, this is not a new question.  See:

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      Various folks recommended using Default PL/SQL and SYSDATE when SYSDATE was the desired default value.  That worked for some and not for others.  I could not get it to work for me.  The errors I receive are "•Column must have a value. (Row 1) " and "ORA-01410: invalid ROWID".   I believe the ROWID error is an example of spurious error cascade caused by the RUN_DT problem.   I believe it will disappear once the RUN_DT problem is solved.


      I will try to replicate on apex.oracle.com